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An overview of rewinder and its functional features

From:Xionghua  Time:2017-06-08

Content: rewinding machine is a kind of paper making special equipment. Its purpose is to roll the paper roll (called base roll) produced by the paper machine in turn, and the paper is made into finished paper after rewinding. At present, rewinding machine instead of DC drive with AC drive has become a development trend in the paper machine industry. The rolls of paper machine rolls of paper is soft, may be damaged or broken, on both sides of the edge of irregular paper width can not directly used in paper processing or printing machines, most kinds of paper (such as newsprint and letterpress printing paper, packaging paper etc.) must pass through the rewinding machine, cutting edge cutting, joint, toilet roll core coil to form certain specifications, certain tightness requirements of finished goods to the factory. The rewinding process completed three major tasks: first, base excision burr; second, the whole paper is divided into several users with the specifications of the width; third, control the finished scroll diameter, according to factory specifications. The following features are as follows: the structure is compact, easy to operate the following material receiving, by cutting grooves following winding and rewinding, traction adopts inverter drive technology following PLC programmable controller as the core processing unit following the touch screen as the precision of tension control following man-machine interface handles the automatic attenuation tension taper control value of fixed length value reduction parking charge fixed length forward and reverse function following electrostatic elimination function