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The basic functional features of the slitting machine

From:Xionghua  Time:2017-06-08

The machine features: the use of basic Strip Slitting into several specifications required for strip base welded by steel and steel plate. The fixed arch, qualitative treatment; 1; 1; activity arch, welded steel, aging treatment, boring precision machining; arch hand moving slide activities; base material: QT600; cutter shaft lifting wheel worm synchronous lifting handwheel, manual fine tuning, lifting and accuracy of not less than 0.03mm; the cutter shaft diameter: 120mm (H7), the effective length of the cutter shaft key width: 650mm, 16mm; 40Cr forging, quenching and tempering HB240 ~ 260, rough machining, slitting machine, intermediate frequency processing, grinding, hard chromium plating, and grinding; beating knife shaft is not greater than 0.02mm, the shoulder beat no more than 0.01mm. The cutter shaft is rotated by a universal coupling (2) and a synchronous gear box, and the power is transmitted by the AC15KW frequency conversion speed control (the motor power is matched).