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The advantages of automatic cutting table

From:Xionghua  Time:2017-06-08

The advantages of automatic cutting table 1, multi-function coating machine, completed by the frequency converter tension control at all levels, tension sensor used to achieve tension control, the system is simple and stable. Use PLC or synchronous controller to control the speed of the drive roller converter, as well as the linear speed signal of other converter. 2, S350 closed loop tension control (a vector control) easily realize deceleration constant tension in the process of saving the installation space of tension roll, reduce mechanical cost, high precision and control to ensure the effect of highly uniform coating. 3 、 double station roll up and roll with pre drive function, can meet the high-speed non-stop automatic roll change, improve production efficiency requirements. At the same time multifunctional coating machine accurate coiling control can avoid adverse cabbage roll, the rolling effect is better.