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Main uses and characteristics of cutting table

From:Xionghua  Time:2017-06-08

The main purpose of main purpose and characteristics of the automatic cut cutting machine is used for fixed length cutting transparent tape, adhesive tape, plastic film, paper and other materials, the whole roll width of the material by setting the width divided into small volume. For example, commonly used transparent glue is cut through the device. The width of the cut can be set on the man-machine interface. In the man-machine interface can be established on various working modes, each mode includes: setting the cutting width, number of parameters. For example, if the customer selects mode 1, then the system runs automatically according to the width set by mode 1, and the number of cutters is automatically stopped when the number of cutters is set to the set number. If mode 10 is selected, after starting, the system will stop automatically after cutting the number of knives set in mode 10. The length of the feed can be set on the man-machine, and the cutting accuracy is improved. Automatic cutting table features: 1., the use of Japanese imports of PLC control, making cutting accuracy more accurate, more stable performance. 2. touch screen data input display: can be a variety of sizes, a variety of data set at the same time, set up a total of 12 different data, size and can automatically continuous execution. The 3. knife holder can move back and forth, and the cutter can automatically adjust the angle to ensure that all the ends of the cut end are smooth and smooth and have no protruding volume. 4. adapt to a wide range of materials, double-sided adhesive minimum cut size can be divided into 0.8mm width.