Company culture

Jin Sanjiang pays attention to innovation. Jinsanjiang's products are silica for toothpaste. The company has advanced technology for the production of silica for toothpaste. It has always attached great importance to product and process innovation and continued to invest in technical research and development. After years of technical precipitation, Jin Sanjiang has obtained 82 patents, including 47 invention patents and 1 invention patent registered in the United States.

Development goals

Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of silica by precipitation method. The company's vision is to become a global leader in silicon materials.

development strategy

The company adheres to the service concept of "innovation oriented, serving the world"; takes "quality service as the fundamental, technological innovation as the guide, exceeding customer expectations" as the business philosophy; takes "creating value for customers, realizing the dream for employees and contributing to the society" as the enterprise mission; takes "customer first, pursuit of excellence" as the enterprise tenet, and "pragmatic integrity, win-win cooperation" as the core Values: take precipitated silica as the core product, increase scientific research investment, strengthen technological innovation, customize solutions for customers, and deepen the scientific research alliance with key customers; based on the toothpaste industry, continue to innovate deeply, put forward high standards for products, and constantly promote the application of products in battery separator, food and other industries; take the Greater China regional market as the base With the vision of "becoming a global leader in silicon materials", it has been expanding to Asia Pacific region, Latin America and even the global market.

development planning

At present and in the next three years, the company's business development will focus on promoting the construction of new factories, expanding the application fields of silica products of the company, and further enhancing the international competitiveness of the company's precipitated silica products, so as to maximize the interests of shareholders and social value.

The company will comply with the market development trend of high-end toothpaste raw materials and upgrading, and continue to increase R & D investment in the main industry. In terms of product upgrading and development, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development of silica for toothpaste, continuously improve the technical performance of existing products, and reduce the manufacturing cost of products. At the same time, according to the new changes in the market and the new needs of customers, the company will continue to develop more and new high-quality silica products for toothpaste. At the same time, based on the current production technology of silica for toothpaste, the company will continue to promote the application of products in battery separator, coating and other industries, so as to realize the diversified development of sales products.

In line with the enterprise values of integrity, honesty, responsibility, dedication, hard work, focusing on customers, pragmatic integrity and win-win cooperation, the company selects high-quality raw materials and adopts advanced production technology at home and abroad, and all the indicators of the products meet or exceed the industry standards. The series of products have been selected by many famous toothpaste enterprises and food and drug enterprises at home and abroad. It has become the silica supplier of the world's top 500 companies, and the product quality and quality management system has passed its strict assessment. In recent years, the annual growth rate of the company's sales performance has reached more than 20%, and has gradually established an obvious dominant position among domestic peers.

Company Motto

Developing all kinds of synthetic silica

Adhere to excellence in products and services

Reliable to all business partners

International acceptable quality silica

Aim to be the best



JSJ aim to become the highest quality precipitated Silica producer in China and to be one of the world’s leading silica producers.


Provide contribution to both business and non-business environments:

·    Customers: Provide excellent service and value to all customers

·    Employees: Committed to achieving employees' dreams

·    Society: Collaborate with stakeholders to focus on green manufacturing processes to lessen environmental impacts.