Company Profile

Jinsanjiang (Zhaoqing) silicon materials Co., Ltd.

JSJ was founded in 2003. It is a R & D, customized and growing high-tech enterprise based on deep understanding of customer demand, driven by product innovation, technology, process and solutions, and committed to creating value for customers as the goal. It is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of precipitated silica The main products are silicon dioxide for toothpaste. The products such as "silicon dioxide for toothpaste (high friction type)," silicon dioxide for toothpaste (friction type) "and" silicon dioxide for toothpaste (thickening type) "have been evaluated as" high-tech products of Guangdong Province ", and have passed reach certification (EU chemical registration, evaluation, license and restriction certification) and Halal certification (halal food) Product certification), kosher certification (kosher certification), Cosmos certificate and other certification.


Company Motto

Developing all kinds of synthetic silica

Adhere to excellence in products and services

Reliable to all business partners

International acceptable quality silica

Aim to be the best



JSJ aim to become the highest quality precipitated Silica producer in China and to be one of the world’s leading silica producers.


Provide contribution to both business and non-business environments:

·    Customers: Provide excellent service and value to all customers

·    Employees: Committed to achieving employees' dreams

·    Society: Collaborate with stakeholders to focus on green manufacturing processes to lessen environmental impacts.